STRADIS, Pharmaceutical contract manufacturing organization

The STRADIS Company is a pharmaceutical contract manufacturing organization specialised in :

  • primary, secondary and tertiary packaging of dry forms for pharmaceutical industry (blisters, tablet bottles, etc.)
  • secondary packaging of ampoules, bottles, etc.
  • miscellaneous reprocessing such as label sticking-unsticking
  • change of packaging
  • printing
  • etc.

Contract manufacturing organization

Contract manufacturing organization also means providing innovative solutions for your pharmaceutical products, respecting the strictest quality criteria. Our processes are adaptable to many activity sectors including pharmaceutical applications, food supplements, dietary and veterinary products, medical packs. Consult our customer references.

Our manual workshops and our different automated lines make us capable of packaging tablets, capsules, gelatine capsules, or sugar coated tablets, with sealing, labelling of jars, tablet bottles and blistering. Contact us.

Development of contract packaging and conditioning

The STRADIS design office is responsible for the creation and optimisation of product packagings. We can support you and advise you in your packaging development from design to printing; graphic design, design of materials, printing times, etc.

STRADIS and its teams have built up a sound reputation as professionals experienced in providing services to the most demanding customers over more than 75 years. The pharmaceutical contract manufacturer business demands reactivity, flexibility and productivity, which are all permanent concerns at STRADIS Reims !

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